Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Perfect Drop Wine Lounge

Sitting around the table enjoying red with my 2 dearest friends discussing what was rumored to be one of rural Victoria's best kept secrets... A tapas bar which doubles as a chill-out lounge on a Sunday afternoon for the local artisan community a stones throw from Melbourne's hustle and bustle in Daylesford.

Not one to be left out in the cold we make a pact to travel off into the country and experience what we had initially assumed was an urban myth.
Spoilt with choice and produce in Melbourne CBD in the genre of Spanish Tapas with several renowned eateries and more popping up in obscure paces like Northcote and Windsor we strapped our ankles and slipped into something a little more comfortable for our travel to the country to wine and dine our way through Daylesford.

Our arrival in this quaint and relatively honest town brought with it a chill that went straight to the bone, with weather forecasts warning of torrential rain and possible flooding we knew we were here for the long run and may very well find our self  trapped.... And Trapped we were in Gastronomic Heaven!

We arrive early evening, as most of the local stores are closing for the night, a little dishevelled and to be honest completely bloody lost we drove up and down the main street in Daylesford looking blankly at each other wondering if we had truly been soo gullible and had taken the bait - Urban Myth?

After  few pensive moments and a quick Vogue Slim, we give in and start heading out of town to find a service station, where a rather heavily tattooed butch women found great pleasure in sharing the exact directions - Had we finally been let into the 'Inner Circle'?
It felt as if we had entered another realm,  surrounded by darkness with the Gate Keeper sharing her knowledge.
Without further a do and a map drawn on the back on a service station napkin we were on our way to A Perfect Drop.

Stepping out of our vehicle and walking toward this gorgeous looking period building gave the impression we were arriving for a meal at a family home rather than a restaurant. Presenting itself as a Wine & Food Bar certainly worked seamlessly with the flow from the entrance foyer into a large open room with polished floor boards and steined glass windows, the twinkle of fairy lights dancing in the corner of your eye as you begin to focus on the wall of local and imported wines which welcomes you to take a seat at the imposing centre table where locals laughed loudly and shared stories of the days activities.

As you move through the establishment you find yourself confronted with several intimate rooms each with fireplace and old world charm, candles on tables and the smell of burnt timber and leather fill your nostrils with a nostalgia long forgotten and readily overlooked in more modern eateries. This charming temperament and intriguing allure engulfs you as you are gestured to sit anywhere you choose.

The evening presented us with a soo many choices of amazing dishes prepared meticulously by Andrew Dennis served to be shared with a gutsy heavy 08 Pyrenees Ridge Shiraz. We chose a selection of dishes from their current menu as listed below;
  •  Zataar crumbed lamb cutlet, kasundi yoghurt, baby capers and fresh dill
  • Roasted organic beetroots, dukkah and yoghurt
  • Braised pork and potato croquettes, sautéed spinach and spicy tomato dressing
  • Grilled quail, white asparagus and chorizo, honey and cardamom glaze
  • Confit pork belly, morcilla and roast apple, swede puree, tomato pickle oil and watercress
  • Rare roasted venison, Baharat spiced baked onions, roast organic potatoes, venison jus
  • Cinnamon and sugar cured grilled duck breast, roasted nectarines, cabbage, walnut and blood orange salad
We have chosen to use already published images of the dishes available at A Perfect Drop as not to expose or exploit the creativity of the Chef as we love our food and have a great appreciation for the opportunity to write such a blog in homage to this amazing establishment!
The atmosphere and friendliness of the staff were welcoming and cheerful, with a sound knowledge of local produce and wines which made selecting courses to be shared a wonderful interactive process where in some instances we shared a glass with the staff between courses.
We ate like Kings and were welcomed like Queens - Total Bill AU$310 (Wine Incl) or AU$160/Head
Truly Magnificent! I hope this has spiked your interest. Worth every cent!
Happy Eating!
Wilma x x x xx
the staunchly seasonal menu is made up of a host of small, exciting dishes crafted from mostly local produce...enthusiastic and well informed staff bring 8 dishes to share and will even split food matched glasses of wine for a gastronomical experience"
- The Age Good Food Guide 2011 (Awarded 1 chef's hat)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome to a Foodie's Blog with a DIFFERENCE!

"Are we in?!?"
Takes a gulp of Shiraz from the over sized glass (many would call the size of our choice of challis a bucket)

"What about the 2nd service sitting?"
Another Slim-line Davidoff Gold is lit and puffed on in anticipation

"Under your name Darling, I had a fling with the Maitre de' last Summer, he's bound to seat us between the toilet entrance and the service thoroughfare if he sees my name"
Fingers smart phone to book cab in haste

"Don't forget your purse Girl, this isn't going to be Cheap! Toot Sweet!"

What's all this banter? A typical evening in Melbourne between 2 Best Friends who can't stop stuffing things down their throat.
I'm sure we could put it more eloquently, and in hindsight it may even present itself as appealing though by flowering over our satirical humour and vocabulary would be akin to placing garnish in the bowl when serving a dish as common as deep fried potato wedges.

Myself, Wilma Bourgeois and my dear friend Sister Fab's endeavour to eat our way through the Age's Good Food Guide 2010 - We have 365 days to systematically devour and suckle on every teat Melbourne has to offer in the field of gastronomic delights.

With this Blog we will bring to you an unabashedly raw critique of some of Melbourne's best restaurants, staple eateries and a few of our favourites which have stood the test of time over the past years we ave called Melbourne home.

We're 2 upwardly mobile beings living in the 'Here & Now' - having both our roots stemming from the glorious sun kissed lands of Africa - Spoilt at home by our Mother's Cooking and being capable and creative cooks ourselves.

We'll take you behind the scenes and reveal the truth of what's served on your plate.

Bang for your Buck? Worth every cent?

Us girls don't do anything half-heartily so hold on tight, grab your Good Food Guide and a red pen and be sure to be tickled pink with what's to come next.

And most of all, laugh along with us, cry along with us, grab your purse an clench your teeth with us!

Now Melbourne!